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Saturday, December 20, 2003

A little Measure 30 brawl... 

Over in the Girls HS Soccer Forum. I am afraid I waxed a little partisan, diverting from my role as a host. I am not directing you there to join the comment (politics isn't really the topic of the board), but read what is being said to get a sense for where at least part of the state is going with the argument.


Friday, December 19, 2003

Not Oregon, but a cool site from an unexpected source 

So I was looking around the web today and came across a cool new discussion of our democracy from the former bassist of Nirvana. Think he might be able to energize some youth? Yup :)


Measure 30 

This and This are a fine place to start your research on the prime supporter of the Measure 30 movement. Cut $150 million MORE from schools...yeah. Good plan, Kevin.

IF you aren't in MY district and you are in Oregon, demand to know what YOUR representative will do to fight this - if they aren't planning to, support their opponent.


Thursday, December 18, 2003

You can DONATE now! 

Well, the DONATE link at the top of the page is live now.

It isn't as elegant as I want it to be, but I am not yet possessed of enough campaign funds to afford interface customizing...We are bare bones, so we are going with the default templates. They will work just fine!


Well, this complicates life a bit... 

The breaking news in Southern Oregon politics: Senator Lenn Hannon is resigning with two years left in his term to take a position on the State Board of Parole.

What it means for MY race? Well, it might mean I am running for an open seat, because the seat's current occupant, Rob Patridge, is one of the top options to fill the vacancy.
By law, a fellow Republican must be appointed to replace Hannon in an interim capacity until a general election is held in November. State Republican Party members will nominate several people and Jackson County commissioners early next year will decide who gets the interim job.

Rep. Alan Bates, an Ashland Democrat, said he will definitely run for the Senate seat.

"I’ll be the underdog," said the Ashland Democrat. "The Republicans have an 11 percent edge in the district."

Rep. Rob Patridge said he might run for the seat, but worries about the power vacuum created by Hannon’s departure, as well as the potential loss of either Bates and Patridge from the House if they run for the Senate position.

Bryan Platt, chairman of the Jackson County Republican Party, said representatives from the Republican Party will meet in Jackson County within about a month after Hannon steps down to choose nominees for the interim seat.

While he thinks the position would be a natural for Patridge, he said there is fairly strong opposition for Patridge’s leadership in supporting the $800 million income tax surcharge, passed by the Legislature this year. The state Republican Party has taken a position opposing the surcharge and supports a February ballot measure that, if passed, would repeal the surcharge and other tax measures included in the bill that created it.

are the key grafs. It leaves my race in a bit of limbo - I won't know who I am running against until this vacancy appointment is made.


Sunday, December 07, 2003

Looting the Future 

On a national scale, looting seems a polite term to use for the various policy tracks being followed at by the Federal Executive. Examples (and some pretty solid expert opinion) are put forth in the latest Krugman OpEd. But looting the future is an appropriate turn of phrase to use here in Oregon, as well. In today's Mail Trib, Richard Mayfield of Medford offers some thoughts as to why the Oregon budget of today is going to be paid for with future taxes (you need to scroll down most of the page to get to the letter). I guess the point of this isn't that we all get in a huff and scream about how taxes are evil and postpone having to raise them by electing politicians who promise they won't (many GOP candidates), but rather, bite the bullet and act now. Fiscal responsibility is a oft uttered quality in politicians, but practice and reality defy words - Republicans are NOT living up to these promises. Democrats are.


It's not a state issue... 

... and it's not my candidate, but this (thanks to Atrios for the tip), is a very compelling ad... (requires Shockwave, I think). I think it is far more important for what it illustrates, regardless of who it supports.


Friday, December 05, 2003

It's Official 

The SEL101 went into the mail to Salem yesterday afternoon. I guess that means I'm a candidate :)


Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Dream On 

Today's Mail Tribune offers an editorial comment on the new marketing slogan for the state: "Oregon. We Love Dreamers."

The piece addresses some of the risks inherent in dreaming: The idea that not everyone shares dreams which neccessarily work for the good of all.

The best lines:
But that dream is clouded by the nightmare the state is living right now. Right now, Oregon is home to another kind of dreamer.

The dreamer who says, "We don't need to raise taxes. We just need to get rid of all the waste and fraud in government."

The dreamer who says, "The 'Three Rs' were good enough for me. Kids don't need all those frills like computers, music and athletics."

The dreamer who says, "The Legislature can solve the state budget crisis without asking me for help."

Until we start to talk about this part of the dream, we aren't going to get to the good version.


Monday, December 01, 2003

Open Thread - Site Feedback 

This is place to let me know if you are having any problems with the site - particularly with font size / color contrast / layout. If you just flat don't like the aesthetics of the site, please try to be constructive with alternative ideas :)


Open Thread - December - Issues 

Hey all, it's the Thanksgiving Holiday. I am going to start this as an open thread to go through December for discussion of issues and positions. Feel free to offer something new, or to comment on something I wrote on my issues page or in an earlier blog entry.

I will refresh the post to keep it at or near the top of the blog as the month goes on.