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Fair and Balanced Discussion from Southern Oregon

Sunday, March 28, 2004

When I Lived... Massachusetts (from early 1995 to mid 1996), I listened in the mornings to WBUR's "The Connection". When I moved back here, I told the folks at JPR that it would be a great pickup for their News and Information service, and eventually, they agreed (I think I had very little to actually do with that decision, but I can dream, yes?). Anyway, the ORIGINAL host - the one I remember from my mornings at Brickstone Plaza in Andover, sitting in my cubicle and working on PowerPoint content for FTP Software's Customer Education Department, was Christopher Lydon... his new project is The Blogging of the President - a look at the political phenomenon of Blogs on the 2004 White House Race...

Lydon went out and recruited bloggers to staff this project and one of them, Matt Stoller, found me via DailyKos. Matt interviewed me earlier this month. The post went up on BoP Sunday eve.


Bill Sizemore is at it again... 

This has reached me from several sources:

Sizemore's New Ballot Measure
Eliminate All Public Employee Unions, Collective Bargaining

The most complete treatment I have seen is the OEA newsletter sent to me by one of my several teacher acquaintances. That is OEA's internal business, and while it confirmed this story for me, I won't repost it. The part that is consistent across my sources is proposed language for a new ballot measure:

RESULT OF "YES" VOTE: "Yes" vote eliminates right of state, local public employees to form unions, associations to represent them in collective bargaining, resolving employment-related grievances with employers.
RESULT OF "NO" VOTE: "No" vote retains law giving public employees the right to form unions, associations to represent them in collective bargaining, resolving employment-related grievances with employers
The initiative is a statutory change, not a constitutional amendment, which means it requires collection of only 75,630 signatures by July 2nd to qualify for the November 2004 ballot.

I will need a day to decide just which part of this upsets me most, but as a supporter of labor rights, a believer in collective bargaining, a teacher, an Oregonian... I guess I could go on. Tell me please we are in 21st Century Oregon and not 1920s coal mining country...


Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Kucinich coming to town 

an email forwarded from Bill Layton, chair of the Jackson County Democrats tells us:
Live In Medford, Oregon
An Evening With Democratic
Presidential Candidate

Dennis Kucinich

Monday, March 29th 7 pm

Reston Hotel & Convention Center
2300 Crater Lake Hwy Medford, OR
(Just off I-5 at Exit 30)

Free to the Public.
Additionally, local leaders will Brunch with Kucinich on Monday morning at 10 in Ashland. I plan on attending that session, since we don't have students on Monday.


Tuesday, March 23, 2004

An essay from elsewhere... 

...worth the read is Billmon's The Old Bloody Shirt. While I mostly plan to blog issues and news items related to THIS campaign, I will occasionally direct my readers out to the rest of the worthy content and this is one of those times.


Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Oregon races status 

So out there in the blogosphere is an Oregon races status page which includes this choice evaluation of my race: "OPEN 2002/64% Medford area. In 2000 got 62%. Patridge is out this year. Outspoken Medford Democrat John Doty has filed; R is Sal Esquivel of Medford."

I am thinking the locals might be suprised to see me characterized as "Outspoken." Maybe "Hitherto unheard of..." would be the descriptor I'd use :)

But I won't argue. Maybe it will be a mystique thing :)


First big press 

from the Mail Tribune's Damian Mann, a profile on moi :) It does almost sound as though I am just arriving at this party, despite having filed on December 9, 3 full months ahead of anyone else.

I expect things will be a bit lean, since I am unopposed an the Dem primaries include contests for the County Commission and for the House District 5 races. But I'll get in when I can!

For Oregon...for us!


Friday, March 12, 2004


You may have spotted the new link on the front page - the endorsement season has begun. Those I get will be posted on that front page with links to their main site or to their endorsement section, depending on how easily navigated their site is...

The Oregon League of Conservation voters are on board as of yesterday. Hopefully, they will be joined soon by others!


Quote of the Day 

Quote of the Day: "I don't think that a man who spent $155 billion to prevent Saddam Hussein from giving weapons he didn't have to terrorists he didn't know is in any position to lecture John Kerry about what is or isn't responsible defense spending." BrianCB in the Open Thread at DailyKos


Wednesday, March 10, 2004

NCSL Press Release: Unfunded Mandate Report 

Not that this is news, but don't we have enough to worry about here in Oregon without having to pick up the tab for someone else's legislation? NCSL Press Release: Unfunded Mandate Report


Today's Trib Letters 

Look particularly to "Wallowing in Ignorance" and "An age of darkness" (the last two letters on the page).

Also in today's edition: More coverage of the local races here, here, and here.


Sunday, March 07, 2004

Tax Reform - promoted from Comments 

Thanks to Cynthia Lora for the following note in the comments - it warrants front page coverage:
FYI: Hearings about Reform of the Oregon State Tax Structure: The Oregon legislature is holding hearings around the state to get input from citizens about reform of the state tax structure. SCHEDULED HERE in Medford March 10th from 5PM-8 PM. Jackson County Building, 1101 W. Main, Medford.

There were two 'prehearing meeings held March 3... to view pre-meeting info contact or Citizens for Oregons Future 503-232-8808.


Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Comments down... and back up 

For some annoying reason, comments are down. Working on the problem. May be changing comments provider soon...

UPDATE Switching over to Haloscan for the time being - may be able to recover earlier Squawkbox comments, but for now will go this route.


Opponent now known... 

Two press releases today firmed up a lot about how this race will look. Representative Patridge will NOT seek re-election and Senator-select Esquivel will file for this seat, rather than for the seat to which he was just appointed.

Update Here is the Mail Trib's coverage... More when they do a wrap up following the March 9 filing deadline


Muscle and Bone - A Shout Out! 

The Mail Trib's OpEd for today includes an unintentional shout out to something I used in my candidate questionaire for the SEIU (or was it for the OEA... let me tell you, the questionaires blur together after a while)
We don’t want to hear about pots of money squirreled away, or rampant waste and overspending. If enough "hidden" dollars could be scraped together to retain dozens of teachers, school districts would be doing that. Instead, they are cutting muscle and bone.

For months we've been hearing that all we need to do to address the budget problems is 'cut fat'... well... the fat is gone folks, this is no longer liposuction. Are there any more medical analogies I can exhaust?


Guns and Schools and that Pesky 2nd Amendment 

So the big hullabaloo I am noticing this week is Lars Larson's no-show at the 1st Amendment Forum at SOU after the forum organizer learned Mr. Larson has and makes use of a concealed carry permit.

The locals have some opinions. And some more.


Monday, March 01, 2004

Daily Kos || One More Step Toward Wal-Mart Nation 

Daily Kos || One More Step Toward Wal-Mart Nation

For those of us living with two new WalMarts looming over our heads, this is an interesting read.