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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Daily Kos :: Bloggers Kicked out of DNC Candidate Q&A 

If you frequent this place (all 6 of you), you will note the DNC link on the left is gone. Here's why: "Matt Stoller of BOP News, Jerome Armstrong of MyDD, and Joe Trippi of Howard Dean fame were tossed out of the candidate Q&A for potential DNC Chairman candidates." The details are in ttagris' diary on dKos here.

I am very disinclined to provide space and access to a group who won't give me space and access. If I, as a CANDIDATE and PCP, was hoping to be part of this DNC leadership summit, this blog space would disqualify me? Sorry DNC, as wrong as Nader was about the lack of difference between us and the GOP, you certainly go out of your way to correct that - NOT by taking him to task, but by adjusting us to make him more right. Great work.

update, 12/14: a clarification followed on dKos - this wasn't a DNC event, quite... it was a gathering of State Party Chairs... I still am not reurning the DNC link. The national group does not yet "get" what they have with bloggers.


Friday, December 10, 2004

The year that was - 2004, from my very narrow perspective 

In 2004, my life divided itself between my usual teaching and coaching, and added campaigning to the mix, as I sought the 6th District seat in the Oregon House of Representatives. As of November, that divide began smoothing out. The campaign wrapped on November 2, with the very earliest returns making it clear how I'd fared. Soccer concluded a week later on November 9, as my league #3 finishing Pirates ran into a state-ranked league champ from the Portland end of the state.

The campaign did bring something very unexpected, through a series of rather unlikely events. I started blogging before I'd even filed - offering comment on issues stories and concerns here in Oregon, but also occasionally voicing reactions to other bits of news and reflections on my life in general. I didn't know who all was reading it, but I found out... a posting about the loss of one of my dogs brought an email from halfway across the country, from someone who had been close to me in my younger days. The renewal of acquaintance has altered my long term plans dramatically - I HAVE some, now.

It's been a good year and a trying year. I've dealt with unpleasant animal death, losing two dogs, a cat, and two birds since April. I've learned much more about senior health issues than I'd known previously, as my father faces the increasingly more pronounced effects of Parkinson's. The political scene is not at all what I hoped it would be. My career has been more trying than any year in my professional life. But for all that, I have much to smile about. People coming back into my life after many years. My magnetic draw of stray animals has me at the same number of dogs I started the year with. My soccer team weathered graduation and found unexpected strength in a freshman class to over-perform in an anticipated 'rebuilding year.'

And so as the calendar year draws to a close (such an arbitrary touchstone), I reflect on it all and am glad.


Monday, December 06, 2004

Thanks to ALL!

It was a rewarding, educational, and challenging experience. I am very glad I took the opportunity to run.

Thanks to my staff & volunteers: David & Karen Asche, Marlyn Mason, Sunny & Paul Spicer, Melissa Cavin, Mark Cogan, Chris Welton, Jennifer Varner, Laura Atkins, Cynthia Wicklund, Molly Claflin, Tom Regula, Tom Wicklund, Lori & David Sours, Tom Johnston, Porter Lombard, Paige Prewet, Chris Lachner, John Pearson, Darla Rehmer, Winston & Cynthia Lora, Sally Killen, Joshua Burks and many more I may have forgotten. I also must extend very special thanks to my parents, Carol and Robert Doty, and Jennifer Wicklund, who were incredible in their support and efforts for me, particularly away from the campaign; to the staff at CrossRoads School, who shifted schedules to cover me when campaign demands hit during the school day with minimal warning; to the students at CrossRoads, who asked great questions, engaged themselves in the process, and cared; and finally to the coaches and players of Phoenix Pirate soccer, who refused to let my new direction distract them and continue their successful season beyond election day.

The site and the blog will remain. For now, it becomes a generic political site, with a lean towards issues in the State of Jefferson. Whether I will be a candidate again is very much up in the air.

For Oregon, For Us!