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Fair and Balanced Discussion from Southern Oregon

Monday, January 31, 2005

I hate to say "I told you so," but... 

ORIGINAL POST, 3:54 pm, Jan 28

Over Christmas, I blogged over on Blue Oregon about Dan Doyle. Doyle was named to chair the Joint Ways & Means committee of the Oregon Legislature. Last week, Doyle lost that post - something that was noted as part of an open discussion at BO. Today, word comes to us from the Statesman Journal that the trouble is far deeper for Representative Doyle, and Blue Oregon again has coverage, this time from Jeff Allworth.

You can follow the links in the various BO pieces out to the front line reporting.

Why do Republicans of this caliber get elected? How does the party somehow NOT get tarnished, despite patterns of conduct?


UPDATE, Jan 31

Swing back over to Blue Oregon for the growing Dan Doyle saga. Representative Doyle has resigned. Apparently, he isn't even the only one in his family (let alone his party) with ethics issues related to campaign monies.
This came on the heels of yet more bad news for the Doyle family, as reports out today finger Doyle's wife Victoria for similar kinds of false finance reporting on her own failed bid to become Marion County clerk.


Oregon's latest national coverage... the kind you wish would just go the hell away, but no. Nothing like keeping the early 20th century alive and well at the dawn of the 21st.

Marion County has some volunteers for roadside beautification. They do trash pickup twice a year and in return, they get an pair of Adopt-a-Highway signs at taxpayer expense. No biggie, right? Yeah, well...

Too bad they're Nazis.

CNN has it here. Lady Cascadia chimed in a few choice words on her blog after seeing it on KOIN TV. Her thesis, in brief?
Pathetic if you ask me. More than is an OUTRAGE!

MacDiva, writing over on Silver Rights provides a comprehensive review of the current Oregon story (sourcing her work from a Reuters piece, so I suppose this means we've gone global...) and connects some more dots concerning a similar incident in Missouri with the KKK.
In 2001, a U.S. District Court held that Missouri could not reject an application by the Ku Klux Klan to participate in its Adopt-a-Highway program. Missouri had argued that accepting the Klan into its program implied approval of the group's white supremacist views by the state government. The court disagreed, saying that barring the KKK from participation in Adopt-A-Highway would impinge its right to free speech. The case was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, but rejected by it without a hearing, in Yarnell v. Cuffley, 00-289 (2001) (writ of certiorari denied). The decision is the controlling one in regard to inclusion of hate groups in state sponsored activities. Absent different grounds for appeal, Marion County has no legal basis to exclude the Nazis and NSM from its Adopt-A-Road program.
As is also noted on Silver Rights, the signs were up this morning but are now gone. I expect someone living in Marion County decided they personally didn't need a legal basis to exclude the groups from getting posted credit for their efforts. I expect there was a line of folks ready to help on that score. When I lived up in Shaw, you can bet I'd have been driving to Keizer with my ratchet and sockets to see what help I could be.


Dean for DNC Chair 

On February 12, the Democratic National Committee will elect a new Chair, and it should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I endorse Dr. Howard Dean, former Governor of Vermont for that post.

Dean, who was also my first choice for President, has been making a very strong showing with the grassroots and as of today, with the State Party Chairs.

Now, Dr. Dean specifically asked his supporters to refrain from bombarding the DNC voters with our urgings to support him, so I limited my campaigning to the one DNC member I actually know - fellow southern Oregon educator Gail Rasmussen. I was unaware, as I wrote, that this morning, over on American Street, Jenny Greenleaf reports the bulk of the Oregon DNC delegation is going for Dr. Dean.
Most Oregon DNC members have agreed to support Howard Dean for chair of the Democratic Party, including Committeeman Wayne Kinney, Oregon Democratic Party chair Jim Edmunson, vice chair Meredith Wood Smith, and (yours truly) Committeewoman Jenny Greenleaf.
So I wrote to Gail this evening and got an immediate response, the most key detail of which was noted in Jenny's morning post (which I hadn't yet read): Gail had given her proxy to Wayne Kinney, as school scheduling was not going to allow her to take part on the 12th.

Within minutes of my note going to Gail, not only did I have her response, but I had Wayne Kinney calling. It was a great conversation, ranging over several facets of the Chair race, Dean's Presidential bid, and the Super Bowl. I assured him I won't be disclosing the gritty details of the call on my blog until it was public knowledge, but after a bit of Google time and finding Jenny's post from this AM, I think I am safe with what is now up here. Minus the Super Bowl part :).

So as we go forward, I have high hopes for the good Doctor - and I am thrilled to see Oregon's DNC voices are largely going his way!

UPDATE, Feb 1 - You can find the press release over on Blue Oregon this morning.


Friday, January 28, 2005

Go Wesleyan! 

Over on TPM: "Another local Democratic party committee resolution in opposition to phasing out Social Security -- this time from Washington state."

Now why I followed the link? I dunno... Why I was even on Josh's site today, I dunno either. But serendipity works that way.

The resolution, which is not particularly unusual as resolutions of local party groups go, caught Marshall's eye as it included a dig at the non-committal on the part of a WA Senator on this issue (Marshall has been identifying a "Conscience Caucus" and a "FaintHearted Faction").

Why I care? Resolution author Bill Sherman, a PCO from King County, was my class president in college and shared housing with me (and 8 others) for part of our junior year (he spent the other half being a key guy for the Dukakis campaign).

One more proud Wesleyan liberal - like Brad Whitford, Joss Whedon, and Bill Belichick. Only not as famous.


Friday DogBlogging:Tribute Old Dogs 

A regular feature on DailyKos is Cheers & Jeers from Bill in Portland Maine - today this story got a Cheer. Read it with kleenex handy. And when you are strong enough to continue, click out to Kate Connick's main page and read about some of her other dogs.

People who've followed this site for a while, know I have a soft spot for Canis familiaris. Recently, I've started dedicating a slot on Friday to my pets. The story of Grandma Boxer inspires today's look back at the first animal to appear on DotyBlog, Bandon. These images first posted in April, just after we lost her.

also pictured: Buster (middle), who we lost in August; and Loki (right) who is part of the pack at Troy & Nancy's (with Suka, Sunny & Khan)


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Daily Kos :: Thank those who voted against Rice & Gonzales 

In a dairy over on Daily Kos, PsiFighter37 does the legwork of traking down some good contact info, "For those of you who would like to express your gratitude to the 13 senators who voted against Rice's nomination for Secretary of State, click the links below to contact the appropriate senator."

Barbara Boxer, D-CA; Daniel Akaka, D-HI; Dick Durbin, D-IL; Evan Bayh, D-IN; Tom Harkin, D-IA; Edward Kennedy, D-MA; John Kerry, D-MA; Carl Levin, D-MI; Mark Dayton, D-MN; Frank Lautenberg, D-NJ; Jack Reed, D-RI; James Jeffords, I-VT; Robert Byrd, D-WV

I was pleasently surprised to see Bayh's name. I was expecting statements from the other side of the aisle to annoy me, by Mitch McConnell was beyond the pale comparing the effort in Iraq to D-Day, particularly the idea that D-Day was as badly managed. I sent a note to his office on that mattered (diaried on dKos, here). And while I expected "Yes" votes from a majority of Dems, some of the speeches (Joementum, I am talking to you) were pathetic.

My overall sentiments on the matter echo Senator Dayton, of the great state of Minnesota,
The Gonzales confirmation committee vote today also has a list that needs thanks.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

No on Gonzales 

Armando, writing on the front page at Daily Kos leads with
"Unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions. In this case, we, the undersigned bloggers, have decided to speak as one and collectively author a document of opposition. We oppose the nomination of Alberto Gonzales to the position of Attorney General of the United States, and we urge every United States Senator to vote against him."
The remainder of the post addresses with great clarity exactly why there is no reason this man should be allowed to lead the United States Department of Justice.

In his capacity as White House Counsel, Mr. Gonzales has shown that loyalty trumps law, ethics, morality, and humanity. If I want to see that, I can watch Michael Corleone on four DVDs. I don't need to have it on CSpan for the next four years.

Torture is acceptable?
Humans on this planet do not automatically qualify for humane treatment prior to trial and conviction when in US custody?
Treaties governing international conduct specifically DON'T apply to heads of state of THIS nation?

How did we end up with this man? Has he read the Declaration, Constitution, or Federalist Papers? Does he UNDERSTAND them?

Who, of the 100 members of the US Senate -- who swore oaths to uphold this nation's Constitution and laws -- can tell me with a straight face that this man is qualified to do ANYTHING in the justice system of this nation except perhaps stand trial?

I don't simply call on Democrats to oppose this nomination - I call on civil human beings to oppose it. My hope is that at least 51+ of the people who sit in the Senate Chamber in Washington, D.C. can be so described. 44 Dems, 1 Ind, and Chaffee, Snowe, Collins, Graham, Lugar, Hagel, & McCain would be a possible list. I would hope my own Senator, Gordon Smith, could meet such a standard, as well.


Monday, January 24, 2005

My one defection from regional loyalty... 

I spent the weekend enjoying the 'other' football. My usual sport of choice is called football by everyone on the globe who DOESN'T live here, but I have had a weak spot for the American flavor, too, ever since I was a little kid. Growing up in southern Oregon, you don't really get a "home team." The 'Niners and Raiders are kinda close. I always felt more of an affinity for the Seahawks. And then I went to college. In Connecticut. In 1986. And lo and behold, there was a team VERY nearby...three, in fact if you include the pair in New Jersey...

The Pats had been a Superbowl team, just a year earlier - such hopes we had... They won the division again, but ran into Elway and the Broncos (who I already disliked as a Seahawk fan) and lost by 5 in the Divisional Playoff. The other "locals" were pleased that year, since the Giants won the Superbowl. And I rooted for them, as an Anti-Broncos gesture.

The next year was much of the same - rooting for the 'Skins against Denver in the Superbowl. My newly adopted Pats were giving me a quick taste of the pain Boston sports fans endure, finishing 1 game above .500 in the strike-shortened 1987 season.

The '88 season was another 9-7 dance of mediocrity, and my senior year was a dismal 5-11. I moved back to Oregon, getting safe distance from my heartbreaking Patriots, though the local options (distant Seattle, SF, and a Raider team who we all KNEW was Oakland, despite their time in LA) weren't giving me much better to look at. Yes the 'Niners were winning a lot. Rice and Montana and Young were great, but they didn't have my loyalty. I was loving the hurt the NFC was putting on Denver in Superbowls, though.

When Bill Parcells (who I recalled from his tenure at the NY Giants, while I was in CT) was named the Pats coach, I got excited - here was the guy who could get us there (there being "back to winning" and "us" being Pats' Fans). Right off, we're back in the playoffs (as a wildcard, due to head to head results against the identical 10-6 Miami). Talent is clearly willing to play for "the Tuna." And then 5-11 in 1995? What!? So frustrating!

But wait... in 1996, we win the AFC East, reversing to 11-5! And as I drove home on I-5 from Washington listening to the Superbowl on AM radio, I actually thought we had a chance against the Packers. We JUST SCORED! It was 21-27 late in the 3rd quarter and we were kicking off to Desmond Howard... and DAMN if he didn't run it back 99 yards.

Gah. I stopped watching football during the regular season. I was too busy with Pirate Soccer anyway. I watched Superbowls. I was actually pulling FOR the Broncos the next year - they were going to have a shot at the Packers (who I was feeling a tad miffed at) and Elway really had done the "Amazing Career, wouldn't it be great to win it all just once" thing...

The Superbowl, which had a tradition of being lopsided, delivered a nailbiter in 2000, and I started paying attention to the NFL again. I was aware of the Ravens throughout the 2000 season, I saw their January of '01 demolition of NY coming.

But then came the year where football didn't matter. Because someone else demolished New York. I paid little attention to much of ANYTHING, least of all football - I tried to teach history and government and geography in my classroom while a war built and exploded in retribution. I focused on a soccer team loaded with potential and brought down by factionalism. I wrestled with my own little world of dogs and a girlfriend.

And somehow, at the end of that 2001 season, there were my Patriots again. Heavy underdogs against St. Louis' Greatest Show on Turf. There they were, being introduced, not as individual players from either the offense or the defense, but as ONE TEAM.

And winning.

And now, we are looking at a 3rd Championship appearance in 4 seasons. And again football, which isn't REALLY important, holds my attention on weekends every winter.


Friday, January 21, 2005

Friday Dogs o Doty :) 

On the left - Sallah, at the cabin, I think after having salvaged some bacon drippings off the floor... On the right, a Doty Dogs Flashback - Cosmo (with me from early 1997 to mid 1998), doing what he did best: confuse himself.


BlueOregon: Meet Buckley 

Over on Blue Oregon, look for a two part article drawn from an interview with Peter Buckley

Ashland Democrat Peter Buckley is new in Salem in 2005, having run for the House seat held for the past three sessions by Dr. Alan Bates, who moved into the Oregon Senate.

Buckley and I first crossed paths in the county Democratic party, and later in the early effort on behalf of Howard Dean's candidacy for the White House.

It was Buckley who convinced me, over Pollo Diablos at La Casa del Pueblo, to run for the House myself, nearly 4 months before Senator Hannon's retirement made it known that Bates would be vacating his seat thus prompting Buckley's own run.


Friday, January 14, 2005

Friday Pet Blogging 

There seems to be some tradition... Kevin Drum always did cats before the Washington Monthly made him be serious 100% of the time... Atrios does cats today, too. And while I do have three cats who ostensibly consider me their owner, I am far more inclined to give screen time to some other critters (the black pair don't photograph too well, anyway :P, so they're just flat out of luck)

So without further ado, the first edition of Friday with Doty's Dogs! with special guest stars: Doty's Birds!

From left to right, Sallah, Indy, Lu, and Tweets


Thursday, January 13, 2005

This week... 

On the state and local political scene, the plan this week is to get an interview written up for the folks at BlueOregon featuring our freshman representative Peter Buckley. Also on the local scene, a very sad note - today's Mail Trib covers the loss of a fellow PCP and County Dem platform committee member. Joanie and her strong progressive voice will be missed. For the rest of us who continue the work of making the valley, state, and nation a better place, her efforts can serve as inspiration.

On the professional side of my life, look for a wrap-up of Asia in Global Studies and the transition to European Exploration and Colonization in US History. Quizzes in both early next week.

The fun stuff this week includes the return to the soccer field, as GK workouts with FC Phoenix begin. I also look forward to refereeing again (availability info was requested by OYSA this week).

Finally, as a site news note, we welcome several new (and re-welcome some returning) links on the left - Our old friends at The Daily Show, Wil Wheaton, and RoguePundit are back, while ORBlogs and Books for Soldiers are new. My linkage was overhauled when my staff were running the website during my campaign. Now that it's JUST ME, that left side will grow as I find new things I think are worth looking at.


Friday, January 07, 2005

Authenticity, Appearance, and Beards - Oh My! 

One of the hallmarks of the progressive movement is inclusivity - another is authenticity - yet another is the idea that we value the individual. When I campaigned, one of the foremost ideas of my race was that I was the authentic candidate, while my opponent was a facade covering an empty (or worse) shell.

So the feedback came to me before, during, and after the election (STILL coming to me TODAY), that I was unelectable because I wear a beard.

Given a choice between a candidate who you completely disagree with or a candidate with facial hair who you find greatly aligned with your politics, I think the fact that the facial hair is a make or break factor says VOLUMES about the state of democracy.

The bottom line is the progressives of southern Oregon have repeatedly voiced a desire to have me as a candidate, but to have me as something other than that which I have been for the past decade and a half. So my first act, prior to even getting the job, is to change myself to comply with others' wishes?

Gandhi said, "The means are the ends in the making."

If my authentic voice is what you seek in a candidate, if my authentic ideas are also sought, if my authentic energy and passion and drive are desired as a component part of my candidacy, then my authentic FACE is part of the deal too.