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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More sooner than expected 

Hey, again!

It's been a very busy few months - three full length plays produced at NMHS already and I've also been functioning without a kitchen since June (remodeling and going slower than I thought I would). But THAT has an end in sight... probably have an electrical inspection by the end of the week and have at least a functional kitchen space by the end of the weekend (though not all the cabinetry will be in place). I CAN'T WAIT. Took advantage of the Sears deferred interest program for Kenmore appliances and upgraded to far more energy efficient range and fridge. Am looking into what I can do to augment my hot water and other electrical demands via solar, as we get a lot of good exposure days on this lot.

Took out the diseased plum tree from the curbside and will be replacing it with two flowering ornamental trees...probably cherries or plums.

Am REALLY looking forward to the concept phase of the new school project at North. Have a lot of ideas concerning the theater and can't wait to get some of them on the table - performing arts could really be a flagship program for the Black Tornado, choral, instrumental, and dramatic efforts are all amazing to be part of.

The current crop of movies has escaped my notice, thus far (busy with wrapping up both Dream and the kitchen), but I expect to catch up during the holiday - look for film review posts during my time in Minnesota with Jen. Also good TV - I've been keeping up with Heroes, Galactica, Studio 60, and Without a Trace this year - everything else is on when I don't have time to watch...and much is worth missing. I'll probably start some open comment threads on programs that seem particularly relevent (Galactica has a good history for that - not sure how this season is going to shake out as political allegory, but I can't imagine it won't tread down some very thought-provoking paths).

More later!


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bond Passes, "Dream" closes, and other news 

The highlights: MSD's bond levy passed by 313 votes as of the final official tally announced yesterday. That means a new North Medford HS on the current campus at 1900 N Keeneway Drive. The current draft concept drawings include saving 4 structures of the existing facility: The Gyms, the Planetarium, the Tech arts complex, and the Theaters... so my life might not change much, but I am hoping for new electrics, a new ceiling configuration, understage storage, and a lift in my orchestra pit.

We closed Midsummer Night's Dream the weekend before T-giving, and thus completed our third full-length production this year, already equalling the full year output of recent seasons. Antigone (Feb) will be our fourth and match last season's total. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (Mar) will give us a record season, and we will still have Seussical (Apr) coming. Busy year for NMHS Theater. Next season, we are already lining up The Fantastiks for the workshop piece to launch the year, with a comedy in th Fall, something older in Feb and hopes for the vocal talents to tackle Pirates of Penzance come spring. Looking hard at what we might need to do in line of alternate facilities, should construction eat into our production calendar.

Finally, Parkinson's has been getting a lot of press in the aftermath of Limbaugh's digs at Michael J Fox. My dad fell again in early November and his mobility continues to be greatly impaired. He's been living here in Medford since August - we moved him over from Bandon to keep him closer to me, as well as Mom, who has also moved back to the valley.

That's the sporadic update for now. I'll be back in early 2007.