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Monday, December 22, 2008


Fantasy Football is a vice I've had since the old days living in B1 with Marc Casper at Wes. My current addiction is fed by the good people of Yahoo and this week was 'Fantasy Bowl' week in most of the leagues I play in. It wasn't a great season in some ways.. my #1 draft pick went down with a season-ending knee in week 1 and that meant the QB ranks were pretty thin to find a replacement, but I got by with Delhomme and Flaco and late in the season decided to add a still available Matt Casel. And then there was my little DeAngelo Williams snag during week 1 from the free agent pool. So as I sit here waiting for the Bears / Pack game to start, I am doubting my foe will get the needed 77 points to overcome my lead with only Greg Jennings left to accomplish the task... BUT if Jennings gets 478 receiving yards and 8 TDs tonight, look for a news report of a madman on the loose in south Medford. If Fantasy sports are a vice you share, lemme know and I'll make sure you get an invite to the next season. I usually do 2 to 4 leagues a year, some live draft, some autodraft, so far none for money since the old days at Wes.

City of Heroes was the only MMO to come along to catch my attention - kinda just like I wasn't that into AD&D as a teen, but really liked Champions, I tried WoW and was under-impressed. But CoH is pretty seriously cool and I do put an hour or three into it every couple days (more when I don't have school stuff pending, less to none when a play looms near). Anywho. If you are at all curious, follow this link and check it out. I won't even do the 'invite and get a free month myself' if you subscribe :P

Finally, Zynga provides gaming apps for Facebook and MySpace... I spend a few minutes each day winning fake money playing Hold 'em poker via those apps. I used to have a real money account at Poker Stars (blame Wil Wheaton) and might again some day, if I get real money to burn.


Doubling Up via Facebook 

Greetings from oh so long and absence!

This is a quick note to point out to the Facebook crowd that the RSS Feed from the old DotyBlog is now being read by my Facebook Notes tool, and so whatever I post here, will double up there... which I am doing in part becasue I don't 100% trust Facebook itself (there was an event today that triggered that unease... it involved a photo first seen as a news feed item ostensibly posted by a friend (though given WHO, that seems unlikely) and then interestingly seen a short time later as a news feed item from ME... not really sure how that works. I'm asking the Powers that Be. Having seen some similar wierdness via MySpace, I am ... leary)

Anyway, it means this page will wake up some. General themes: my left leaning politics, NMHS theater events, random bits of cool science, pets.

Comments will be open for short periods after a post, but will lock after (since both DotyBlog posts and some of my posts at Blue Oregon ended up with some very interesting genericspam and pornspam over a year after the initial post and prior comments).

Don't count on this being a 'regular' stop on your blog reading day. I ain't like Kos or Atrios with staff and time and such. But if I have a stray thought of coolness, I'll post here, RSS to FB, and prolly crosspost to my dKos diary.